Friday, January 23, 2009

Sweet..Sweet Memories...

I wish I can spend my time with my friends again..
The slide shows below are the moments where we spend time together after we finished our school time. It's not easy to gather all our classmates and friends..that's why I put some slide shows to recall our memories..I hope we can meet and hang out soon..I just wanna say I

My Performance Studies..

Performance Studies is one of our literature subjects that we have to take for this semester. This subject sounds interesting isn't it?? The interesting part is where we will stage a theater in the end of this March, it is the final evaluation for us.. so far, the progress is stil early and we are still looking for the suitable play. But we have consult with the lecturers and they are very supportive and willing to help us. For your information we have divided our task and our big task for the holiday break is to get money as much as possible for our theater.Hopefully we will manage to earn big money..yeah!!=) These are the situations of the performance studies class, very enjoyable..we have fun in the class..
Yeah! Our tutorial task for last week was to mimick the song..We have to sing, act and dance in the soung that we have chosen..Sorry, because the vc looks dark in the beginning, but towards the end you will see our dance..I find this vc so funny..haha..Tiqah, Clara, Pu3, Siew Jun check it out our group vc..

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Haha..this is the first award I got..actually I dunno how to do this..Zafira has tagged these are the things, that I've to do after being tagged by my friend..wanna know who is Zafira??? What type of girl she is??? Just read below...

10 Things about Zafira...
1. She's a cute girl
2. She's one of the die hard fans of nasyid
3. You can ask her anything about nasyid...
4. She was my classmate when I was in form 6
5. She is a cheerful person
6. I think she loves purple colour same like me..he3
7. I think you kind of 'manje' person..
8. She's a kind gurl also
9. Haaa...this one u all should know
10. Still everybody can usha2 her..just click her blog that is available in my blog...
haha..don't be angry yer Zapie...

10 Things about me..myself..xi ha..

2.I love purple so much
3.English Literature student in National University Malaysia..(now in second yr)

4.Shopping is my hobby..
5.Dancing and singing are also my interests...
6.I'm the youngest sister from 4 siblings..
7.I love my Mom n Dad n all laahh!!

8.My Prince Charming Mohd Hazam b. Hussin...=p

9.Love various type of musics..
10.'Sengal' typed person..

Eventually, I wanna tagged

Thats all for now...cow cin cow..(^_^)/...

I Wanna Be A Make Up Artist....

I wanna be a make up artist!! is that the suitable word for me?? I don't know.. maybe someone would call it..'mak andam'..or 'jurusolek'..or what else haa?? I found it was very interesting..when I see a beautiful face that was make up by me, its kind of satisfaction..I think everybody can be as beautiful as the celebrities..or anyone they wanna be look like..but the most important is u must be pretty deep inside your heart..that the most wonderful isn't it?? Talking about my interests, I found these wonderful photos which I really amazed of their make up skills..enjoy looking at these photos..these photos are really inspired me and I found myself in them..

Dramatic eyelashes...

Glossy Lip..

Candy Eye

Barbie make up look..

Colourful fake eyelashes...

Like Barbie Dolls...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Huuuu...Huuuuu..Huuu....Bad Election...

Hmm OoOoOhhh!!! I just woke up from bed.. Nothing to say but I just feel wanna write somthg on my blog... Today I have 1 lecture and replacement tutorial as yesterday we don't have class due to the campus election... I heard that ASPIRASI won again..but Gabungan Mahasiswa won a lot this time..Talking about the election, I feel cheated or hmm what the best word is..Hmm I'm not satisfy because your vote is no longer a secret..that makes me so mad... Yesterday, when I was about to vote, they gave me paper votes..Surprisingly, there's a fella wrote my matric no with the serial no of that paper...hoho..what if u were me?? I don't know why they did like that..any idea??? Previous election, they didn't do like that... Hmm I'm wondering why they did like..Frankly speaking I only know the GM candidates as they have introduced themselves while I'm in lectures. They put in enough effort for the campaign and I don't know where are ASPIRASI don't blame for not voting you all..haahaa...Hm forget about that..I don't want to speak about that anymore..what the most important is I have to study well..and I was looking for the excitement in my studies..This semester, I think, I've lots of interesting subjects.. one of it is Performance Studies...I'll talk about that later after I've gone through the fun2 things..he3.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Monday, January 5, 2009

HaPpY HoUr 2008....

HeLLo Friends and viewers...
This is my first posting for 2009..HappY New Year to all of you..May Allah always bless us and guiding us in the right path throughout the year. There is nothing to say actually, but I feel excited to write something on my blog even though I'm tired as the new semester has started. Lots of things to settle down and that make me don't have time to write on blog. Let forget about the 'class things'...he3 I would like to review the best time of me on year 2008..

We won second prize for Festival Seni Tari Malaysia 2008..=)

Me n Atiqah worked hard to realize our program..Health Care & Charity Visit 2008 to UKM medical Centre

Bakti Alumni..SMKDMYS..with Brunei group..nice to meet all of you my dear lil sis n bro..

Sweet memory in SKSD with my friend..also a motivation camp 4 school student..

Raye with my friends forever...

Reunion Upper 6 Kekwa..

My Blisful Moment..My engagement..=)

Seems like there are lots of things happened to me for last year 2008..and I only would like to share the joy with all of friends and viewers..hopefully this 2009 will give me sweet memories again..=)