Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One-day Seminar on Malaysian Literature Contemporary Malaysian Literature: Challenges, Achievements and Prospects

Saturday 14 February 2009, IIUM.

It was a great experience I ever had as I've got the opportunity to attend the One-day Seminar on Malaysian Literature. It helps me falling in love with literature actually..=) In this seminar, they have brought well-known writers (that makes me so excited!)and also academician in the field. I've learned something from this seminar..but I still can't understand some of the presentations as I'm not into that level yet..huhu..=(
This seminar was discussing on the challenges and achievements of Malaysian literature and also the future prospects of literature in independent country. If you are literature student, you should familiarised with these names as they are well-known writers in this field..Wong Phui Nam, Muhammad Haji Salleh, Ghulam Sarwar Yusof and Susan Philip..they were the panelists on that day..Besides, my lecturer also one of the panelists..her presentation I understand the most..it's about Indian diasporic writing..(yeah Go go Dr. Shan!)The most unforgettable moment is, I've met a very nice and warm person..He has lots of things to speak during that seminar, but because of the limited time..he could only give a brief on his experience and that was great..I wish I could meet him again..you should know him if you read the poem si tenggang homecoming..

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Haji Salleh..

I got his signature..haha

Candid our own faces..Tqah n Ziha..

Clara and me..