Saturday, January 17, 2009


Haha..this is the first award I got..actually I dunno how to do this..Zafira has tagged these are the things, that I've to do after being tagged by my friend..wanna know who is Zafira??? What type of girl she is??? Just read below...

10 Things about Zafira...
1. She's a cute girl
2. She's one of the die hard fans of nasyid
3. You can ask her anything about nasyid...
4. She was my classmate when I was in form 6
5. She is a cheerful person
6. I think she loves purple colour same like me..he3
7. I think you kind of 'manje' person..
8. She's a kind gurl also
9. Haaa...this one u all should know
10. Still everybody can usha2 her..just click her blog that is available in my blog...
haha..don't be angry yer Zapie...

10 Things about me..myself..xi ha..

2.I love purple so much
3.English Literature student in National University Malaysia..(now in second yr)

4.Shopping is my hobby..
5.Dancing and singing are also my interests...
6.I'm the youngest sister from 4 siblings..
7.I love my Mom n Dad n all laahh!!

8.My Prince Charming Mohd Hazam b. Hussin...=p

9.Love various type of musics..
10.'Sengal' typed person..

Eventually, I wanna tagged

Thats all for now...cow cin cow..(^_^)/...