Monday, January 5, 2009

HaPpY HoUr 2008....

HeLLo Friends and viewers...
This is my first posting for 2009..HappY New Year to all of you..May Allah always bless us and guiding us in the right path throughout the year. There is nothing to say actually, but I feel excited to write something on my blog even though I'm tired as the new semester has started. Lots of things to settle down and that make me don't have time to write on blog. Let forget about the 'class things'...he3 I would like to review the best time of me on year 2008..

We won second prize for Festival Seni Tari Malaysia 2008..=)

Me n Atiqah worked hard to realize our program..Health Care & Charity Visit 2008 to UKM medical Centre

Bakti Alumni..SMKDMYS..with Brunei group..nice to meet all of you my dear lil sis n bro..

Sweet memory in SKSD with my friend..also a motivation camp 4 school student..

Raye with my friends forever...

Reunion Upper 6 Kekwa..

My Blisful Moment..My engagement..=)

Seems like there are lots of things happened to me for last year 2008..and I only would like to share the joy with all of friends and viewers..hopefully this 2009 will give me sweet memories again..=)