Friday, February 6, 2009

Yeah!! Time to Relax...

Good Morning everyone!!
I hope everybody in a good situation today..haha
It's still in da morning..I wake up early today as I've enough sleep last night..hehe
I got nothing to do last night..only sleep and sleep and sleep..(~_~)...
Hmm..for today I still thinking of doing some beneficial works...
For books and do my assignments..
This weekend is the only time I can feel more relax as my weekdays are totally busy..
My friends and I are busy with our theater project.. we're collecting money from lecturer at our school and faculty..But don't get us wrong.. We're not only asking for money, but we're also do other thing to market ourselves. We'll do selling and we're also try to get some sponsorship..
Actually...we felt very sad yesterday..we received many harsh words from lecturers..
But....that will not fade our spirit..yeah!!haha
There are lecturers who are really supportive..
I wanna say thank you to all lecturers who give us support..xie xie!!
To Nadhrah..Pu3..Tiqah..Husna and Zila..Jia you!
We must go through this challenge together..don't feel down ok!
Allright..till here..hope u have a wonderful weekend guys!

My Bestfriends...Ba Elit Student