Friday, January 23, 2009

My Performance Studies..

Performance Studies is one of our literature subjects that we have to take for this semester. This subject sounds interesting isn't it?? The interesting part is where we will stage a theater in the end of this March, it is the final evaluation for us.. so far, the progress is stil early and we are still looking for the suitable play. But we have consult with the lecturers and they are very supportive and willing to help us. For your information we have divided our task and our big task for the holiday break is to get money as much as possible for our theater.Hopefully we will manage to earn big money..yeah!!=) These are the situations of the performance studies class, very enjoyable..we have fun in the class..
Yeah! Our tutorial task for last week was to mimick the song..We have to sing, act and dance in the soung that we have chosen..Sorry, because the vc looks dark in the beginning, but towards the end you will see our dance..I find this vc so funny..haha..Tiqah, Clara, Pu3, Siew Jun check it out our group vc..


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