Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Hi there!

We meet again for my second posting. Today I would to talk about my task that was given by our beloved lecturer, Datin Dr. Norizan. Our task for today is about reading comprehension that includes restructuring of text, matching or jigsaw reading, and problem solving. Besides, we have to do some online reading such as reading for pleasure, reading for task completion, reading for instruction, incidental reading, and reading for information.

I have visited a website that surely can make you enjoy visiting it. Do visit this website as you can find something new about jigsaw reading.

Before I visit this website, I don't know what is jigsaw reading but I found it interesting after trying some of the activities. First of all, I have tried the cubism: a different way of seeing. There are ten questions that you can answer after you read the paragraph of cubism. After answering the multiple choice answers you can get the marks and apart from that you can evaluate yourself in reading for comprehension. During the activities, the online reading that involved are reading for information, reading for task completion, reading for instruction and incidental reading.

Besides there is also matching picture with the exact word that you can try.Therefore, this kind of website is beneficial and informative to all of you. So gain something new as there are lots of fun activities there.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Introduction to blog

Hello, I am a new comer here. What a relieve at last i manage to create my own blog. Actually, this blog is for my SKBP 1023 course. Hopefully by getting involve in blogging I could improve my English and computer skill.