Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is widely used by our nation and it seems to affect more aspects in our lives as ICT is developing every day. There are discussions that concerning about the computer usage in education and it had rapidly passed through a number of phases. The first phase is on the need of computer literacy which emphasized on computer awareness and computer programming. Next, the second phase is emphasized on the role of the computer as a tool, and as a method for teaching problem solving. Finally, the third phase that recently addresses issues related to computer applications in support of the curriculum. Thus, ICT in education is one of the aspects that we are common with in our daily life. It gives several impacts towards learners, teachers and teaching.

First of all, ICT in education give impact in learning and learners. For student, ICT can attract student’s interest in learning as it provides wide array of information, study guide and effective lessons. Student can more understand about the lessons besides they can spend much time by searching information and doing online activities. This will help student in order to improve their attainment in studying. There are six studies that showed statistical evidence that ICT can enhance attainment in subjects. For example, UK’s largest impact study shows a raise in subject performance through ICT use in English, science and design, and technology. Also specific ICT uses, such as interactive whiteboards in the UK, had a positive effect on pupil’s performance in literacy, mathematics and science tests compared to students in other schools. They especially improved the performance of low achieving pupils in English and impact was greatest on writing.
Secondly, ICT in education make the teaching and learning session more effective.

Wellington reported that, teachers use computers in their classroom not because of the new technology but rather because of the positive results they bring to student achievement. Computer can help student by handling a wide range of activities and carried out the programmed functions at amazing speed. Student also can check exercises after they are done, move students gradually from easier to more difficult exercises according to their levels and abilities. According to Hoffman, when students fail to answer questions correctly or perform activities, the computer can simulate, drill, or explain the phenomenon in a way that makes it easier for the learner to understand.

Thirdly, ICT gives impact to teachers in increasing enthusiasm for the use of ICT. Study showed that teachers gain a positive attitude towards ICT through government interventions and training programs. As we know, job market now is searching for people who has ICT knowledge and competent in English. Therefore, this policy is to make sure that all teachers are well-equipped with ICT knowledge, so that they can teach their student effectively. Besides, using ICT in teaching can give teachers many ideas about teaching skill and new activities in class. There are many websites that provides teacher a wide range of ideas in teaching such as ESL Cafe,, and so forth.

In conclusion, ICT gives good advantages in education for the learners and teachers. ICT also can help student and teacher with the interesting activities that provides in the websites. The effectiveness of that kind of activities gives teachers ideas in teaching, so that student can enjoy their lesson. As a result student can more interest in studying ICT not only the activities but also the wide array information that can easily get from the internet sources.


Thursday, March 13, 2008


  • Computer assisted writing

    If you still remember, our previous generation used type writer to compose their article, essays, report, books and so forth. This traditional way of composing a paper is a period before computer is introduced to people. Therefore, they have to seat in front of aging type writer surrounded with handwritten notes and once they made mistake, it is uneasy to delete, as a result, crumpled papers are scattered below the desk. But, after computer is introduced to people, writing works are easily to complete. According to Richard Hanson, there are four steps that involved in order producing a book which are:

    Brainstorming: Rapid entry, development, and organization of ideas. Entry should be either textual (outlines) or graphics (rough diagrams).
    Structuring and adding details: Reorganizing and adding both textual and graphics detail to the outline of ideas produced by brainstorming.
    Formatting: Bringing all the elements (text, figures and tables) together into finished document.
    Output: Outputting the finished document to either a specified device or file.

    Here are some tools that are readily available in computer to support each of writing steps.
    1. Outliner
    2. Graphics editor
    3. Multitasking or equivalent operating system
    4. Spreadsheet
    5. Thesaurus
    6. Spell checker
    7. Word processor/ Page makeup
    8. Grammar checker

    Meanwhile, tools that are not ready available are:
    i. Integrated knowledge database
    ii. Target audience suitability analysis
    iii. Style/Format/Taste advisor

    Mark Warschauer gives examples of computer as tool, which consists of word processor, grammar checker, concordancers and collaborative writing. For example:

    Word processing: Microsoft word, Claris Works, Microsoft Works, Simple Text and Teach Text.
    1. Grammar checkers: Grammatik
    2. Concordancers: Oxford’s MicroConcord
    3. Collabrative writing: Daedalus Integrated Writing Environment, Aspects and MacCollabrator.

  • Here, I would like to suggest an online activity to student in order to improve their writing skill. You can learn from the online writing activity as there is a guideline for to write an essay. For example, you can click on this website:

  • In this website, there is a site for student activities. For instance you can try to write a persuasive essay and there is a writing workshop that will guide you to compose that kinds of essay. It is very useful to student as you will be given tips on how to a good essay and what you have to do is just follow the tips.
  • Another website that will benefit you is:

  • ReadWriteThink offers a collection of online Student Materials to support literacy learning in the classroom. You can try the activities such as in ABC Match, Acrostic poems, alphabet organizer, Animal inquiry, Comparison and Contrast Guide, Readwrite Think Notetaker, Readwrite Think Webbing Tool, etc.

  • For example, readwrite think webbing tool provides a free-form graphic organizer for activities that ask students to pursue hypertextual thinking and writing. The tool provides a quick way for students to trace out options and rearrange connections. Students can use the Webbing Tool to analyze readings as well as a prewriting activity and flowcharting tool. Students can drag the circle or box shapes representing their ideas to arrange any layout and relationship that they want. Each layer on the chart will have a different color border for the shapes that you choose. Customized versions of the tool, which include additional instructions and more focused choices, are included with some lessons.



  • is one of the websites for teachers to use and explore in order to teach their student. There are many references that can be used as teaching tools as it covers resources for primary to tertiary level. Besides, this website is not only can give advantages to teacher but also to English student and other people who interested in learning English. There is much information that we could find in this website such as grammar, poet, drama, vocabulary, games and so forth. For example, you can click the poetry icon and select William Butler Yeats and there will be lesson plan and teaching ideas.

  • There are some properties of electronics texts in this websites such as searches, link, footprints and plasticity. For example in terms of searches, there is a word dictionary searcher in this website. We can easily type the words that we wanted to find their meaning and the definition of the words will appear after that. Besides, if we wanted to search for information, just click on the links that provided in the website. It is very easy to find the information as there are many links that relate to our searches. I’m sure all websites have the properties of electronics texts in terms of footprints. The same thing in this website, we can easily trace the page that we had visit in this website as it can record each of our searching. Next, in terms of virtuality, there is a site for teacher where teachers can share their opinion on something that is discussed in the site. You can also ask question to the online members and you can get the answer from you online members.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Yesterday was my birthday. Thanks to all my friend for the wishes, and remembering my birthday. Also thanks to Puteri, Atiqah and Akma who celebrated my birthday yerterday. I love you all. I love the cake.. Thank you so much.

Monday, March 10, 2008


Sunday, March 9, 2008


Enjoy playing games with your kids as it will entertain you and your children by clicking on

There are many games that you should try for instance night before christmas, high tide, pool, Hansel and mining co, Mr. Carrot face, spider solitaire, gold miner’s holiday haul, Belle’s beauty boutique, spades, gold miner Vegas, bejeweled 2, the black knight and serf’s up.

I would like to say that all these kinds of games are suitable to play for children and teenagers. The games are mostly suitable for children aged 7 to 12 as it very easy and need your efficiency in handling the keyboard or mouse. Not only children can play the games, but teenagers also can enjoy playing it to fill their free time.

But all these games are not for entertaining only, it is also can educate people as there are lesson when you play it. For example, the black knight game is a game that requires us to read the instruction before you start the play. It is because each level of the game has target that player must achieve. Besides, the usage of old English words also had in this game. So, player must read carefully in order to achieve the target and the reading during the play is what I said earlier can educate children in reading and improve their English.

Besides, I would like to share another website that could give advantages to all kids in order to learn English. Just click at but before that, you must sign in to this website, so that you can play the free game. All the games in this website are suitable for primary student as it can help students to improve their grammar, pronunciation, spelling and sentence structure.

For instance, you can try the Coco Nuts game, where it requires you to listen carefully the words and match it with the correct spelling as it has two similar sound words.

Furthermore, if you want to practice your listening and spelling skills, try Spelling Bee game by listening to the words and spell it correctly within time given. Other games such as Jungle Guy, Space cat and The Swap Game are also will help you in frequently misspelled words, irregullar verbs and sentence structure. So, teachers can also introduce all these games to their student as online teaching activities that will make the teaching and learning session more interesting and effectively.



For your information, I have joined dance club at my college, we are well known as Artis’z and we have our own dance club named ‘Senandika Tari’. What I’m going to say here is we have an invitation that asked us to perform cha cha dance during their faculty annual dinner. So, I have to search about cha cha dance information as we never perform those kinds of dancing.

Therefore, I have searched for many websites that relate to cha cha dance. These are the following websites that I have visited:

For example at you can find the information about cha cha dance as there are explanations about the moves, the music, and history. There are also some tips for the beginner to improve their skills of dancing. Besides providing online text that allows us to get some information, it had free video instruction as an introduction to cha cha that we can watch in various types of media player such as real player, windows media, quicktime and flash. At this website you also can buy cha cha videos and DVD’s via online.

Here, I would like to share with you the cha cha video, and I hope you enjoy watching it. For those who also has same interest with me, let share your experience with me Do visit to this website as you can watch more videos about cha cha dance besides you can learn how to cha cha.



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