Sunday, March 9, 2008


Enjoy playing games with your kids as it will entertain you and your children by clicking on

There are many games that you should try for instance night before christmas, high tide, pool, Hansel and mining co, Mr. Carrot face, spider solitaire, gold miner’s holiday haul, Belle’s beauty boutique, spades, gold miner Vegas, bejeweled 2, the black knight and serf’s up.

I would like to say that all these kinds of games are suitable to play for children and teenagers. The games are mostly suitable for children aged 7 to 12 as it very easy and need your efficiency in handling the keyboard or mouse. Not only children can play the games, but teenagers also can enjoy playing it to fill their free time.

But all these games are not for entertaining only, it is also can educate people as there are lesson when you play it. For example, the black knight game is a game that requires us to read the instruction before you start the play. It is because each level of the game has target that player must achieve. Besides, the usage of old English words also had in this game. So, player must read carefully in order to achieve the target and the reading during the play is what I said earlier can educate children in reading and improve their English.

Besides, I would like to share another website that could give advantages to all kids in order to learn English. Just click at but before that, you must sign in to this website, so that you can play the free game. All the games in this website are suitable for primary student as it can help students to improve their grammar, pronunciation, spelling and sentence structure.

For instance, you can try the Coco Nuts game, where it requires you to listen carefully the words and match it with the correct spelling as it has two similar sound words.

Furthermore, if you want to practice your listening and spelling skills, try Spelling Bee game by listening to the words and spell it correctly within time given. Other games such as Jungle Guy, Space cat and The Swap Game are also will help you in frequently misspelled words, irregullar verbs and sentence structure. So, teachers can also introduce all these games to their student as online teaching activities that will make the teaching and learning session more interesting and effectively.



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