Sunday, March 9, 2008


For your information, I have joined dance club at my college, we are well known as Artis’z and we have our own dance club named ‘Senandika Tari’. What I’m going to say here is we have an invitation that asked us to perform cha cha dance during their faculty annual dinner. So, I have to search about cha cha dance information as we never perform those kinds of dancing.

Therefore, I have searched for many websites that relate to cha cha dance. These are the following websites that I have visited:

For example at you can find the information about cha cha dance as there are explanations about the moves, the music, and history. There are also some tips for the beginner to improve their skills of dancing. Besides providing online text that allows us to get some information, it had free video instruction as an introduction to cha cha that we can watch in various types of media player such as real player, windows media, quicktime and flash. At this website you also can buy cha cha videos and DVD’s via online.

Here, I would like to share with you the cha cha video, and I hope you enjoy watching it. For those who also has same interest with me, let share your experience with me Do visit to this website as you can watch more videos about cha cha dance besides you can learn how to cha cha.



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