Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Best In Blogging

1. Do you think that blogging activity improves your writing skill?

  • Blogging activity has improved my writing skill as I did a lot of writings for the postings in my blog. I believe that all student wanted to give their very best in their blog, so do I. For this IT and Language course, the syllabus help me a lot in writing skill. For example during tutorial class we have been given a task to explore the ESL websites. Before this, I never know that there are various interactive and interesting English websites that available on the internet. So, from all this websites, I learn something especially for my English language competency.

2. Do you think that blog is a useful learning experience for you?

  • Definitely, in my opinion, blog is very useful especially for me as I can convey my ideas and message via blog to others. As for me, I really enjoy blogging as I can explore any information regarding my course besides it gives me freedom to learn on my own. Moreover, the activities during tutorial class is very interesting for instance online language game, online quizzes, ESL websites etc.
3. What do you think that you need to know before you can complete the blogging activity
  • Before I can complete the blogging activity, I would like to know how to make my blog more attractive. I feel that, there are lots of things that I have to explore. I wanted to put some elements that can attract people to visit my blog again and again and they enjoy visiting my blog. If you have any suggestion, just post your comment to me, I will accept all your good ideas and advices in order to improve my blog.

4. What are your problems that you face using blog?

  • The problems that I facing while using blog is in organizing my blog. While writing in the blog I wanted my blog to look well organized especially the words and the pictures that I wanted to put together. Some of the picture I cannot arrange it properly as I wanted, may be because of the blog template that I have choose or may be I have not learn that particular skill.
5. Will you tell your friends, recommend to others about blogging?
  • Of course I will suggest my friends to join blogging activities by having an active blog. Blogging is not a wasting of time, as we will obtain many useful information and skill. Don't worry if you are not good in computer literacy. You can just ask your friends and teachers who are master in this skill or you can just explore by yourself. As a result you become an autonomous learner which finally will benefit you.
6. Now that you are able to blog online will you continue using it even after the SKBP is over?
  • I will continue using blog although the SKBP is over. If I have something to share with my friend and others, I would like to use blog. So far, this is the helpful way for me to share my experience or thought with other people.



  • At April 23, 2008 at 5:54 PM, Blogger norizan said…

    "Is that you on the cosmopolitan! Looks great and could be a model for muslimah attire. Part time job for you?
    Well you are more open online compared to in class. Continue the good work so far and continue blogging . All the best for your exam"

  • At May 17, 2008 at 1:40 PM, Blogger Seyyar said…

    "I liked your blog site :)


    mine is"


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