Tuesday, April 1, 2008


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Online Quiz Results :: Kemahiran Asas ICT
Your Score : 20/30

Online Quiz Results Summary

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: 586
Your Quiz Score
: 20/30
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: 20
Note: This may not be your final marks. Due to some of the subjective and semi-objective questions (short essay and fill in the blank).
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After I have done UJI ICT for the ASAS LEVEL for about 30 minutes, I felt that I need to know more about computer literacy. Actually I'm not satisfied with my mark, the problem is the test was conducted in Malay language. There are some terms that I didn't understand as I usually know the terms in English. But, UJI ICT for ASAS LEVEL is only a basic knowledge that actually each student should know. All the questions is not too difficult as compared to UJI ICT for LANJUTAN LEVEL. Furthermore, these kinds of test will give us advantages in order to improve our ICT knowledge, from here we will know which level we are in. As for me, I believed that after using the computer and it applications, we will master the skill step by step.



  • At April 23, 2008 at 5:59 PM, Blogger norizan said…

    "So you are ready for online testing mode? Whether you like it or not this is going to be the mode of testing in the future. Your driving test is also online. All the best"


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