Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jamuan Hari Raya

After raya first dance show for this semester..It was for jamuan hari raya at my college..We're not only dancing but we have to act also..Being actor and actress on the stage.haha..this is the best experience we ever had..where junior and senior of Senandika Tari together entertained the audience on that night...Everybody enjoy that night..Me also..even though I was 'ting tong' doing the step..LOL just see my pic below..look at my make up..pretty isnt it??? he3 actually I did it by myself..hoho.. (^_^)..

Ahhaa!! Jamuan Hari Raya again!!!
This time was organized by PERMANIS..lots of food also to eat..haha I love that..but the best thing is I was the lucky pretty girl who got the lucky draw..I dunno why..since I join permanis I always get the lucky present..he3..after jamuan we went window shopping at metropoint..dont have money..window shopping pon orait maa..haaha..
Haa these pictures were taken while we're waiting for Rapid and window shopping..haha no job to do..