Monday, October 13, 2008

mY RaYA sToRy ParT III

My third day raya.. I went to my boyfriend’s house with Diey.. We went there by taxi and reached his house at 10.30 am, if I’m not mistaken.. Actually I told him that I’ll arrive at 11..but then what to do, we came early so..we ‘redah jela’..haha.. After giving salam..His sister came out and asked us in.. But he didn’t show up we just waited then about several minutes later he came out with his small eyes and messy hair.. OMG!! You just woke up from your sleep?? That’s the first words that I could say..very shocked.. And then I said ‘go n wash your face first’..n then he washed his face.. So funny.. Then her sister served us with cookies and cake..we had chat with him..After eating some cookies and cakes, I went to the kitchen to chat with my future mother and father in law..cehh..hehhe. Diey said that I was good in chatting with ‘bakal mak mentua’..haha.. Well Diey, I dunno where the skill came from...maybe naturally =) Finish ‘beraya’ at Hazam’s house, we went to his grandmother’s house. As usual..her ‘tok’ was so friendly, her grandma still recognize me even though she was not feeling so well..his aunt also at home.. His grandma promised me to come to my house..but no to come for ‘beraya’ or just ‘saje2’.. But she’ll come with the ‘dulang’ his aunt said..he3 ‘Tok’ I’ll pray for your good strong ya tok.. Then my turn to accompany Diey.. we went to our friends’ home..Zai and Ju.. To Diey.. here is your picture with cute.. Just want you to look at this picture carefully..hehe.. Same rite??? I wish that your future son would resemble sweet..(^_^)..