Monday, October 13, 2008

mY RaYA sToRy ParT I

Hari Raya break was already over. I just started my class on Tuesday Oct 6. Everyday was a tiring day over that week as I need to complete my assignments on time. And now I still not finish my assignment due to my busyness for the college activity. I admit that it was my mistake as I can’t finish it during the raya break. But my raya holiday is actually to have holiday for study also…haha Serve me right ‘kan’? As now I’m struggling of doing the assignments. I’d like to share my best moments during this raya break.. My first raya day was full of excitements as I can eat as much as I can..hehe Even though I can’t eat chicken, meat, seafood etc al due to my eczema..ahhh I don’t care!!! I want to eat gak!! As it was the day to celebrate the deliciousness of my mom’s cook. Actually my boyfriend and I have same problem of sickness, we can’t eat seafood and meat. So, I’ve cooked for him a delicious dish, I think..he3 really..because my mom and sister also praised for my marvelous fish recipes. My boyfriend also loves that as he eat till ‘licin’ he3 then I was not forget to give him to bring back home, So my future ‘mak mentua’ also can taste my thing I’m the one in the family who was difference from others. Most of my family members wearing green ‘baju raya’..It’s just a coincidence as they were not promise to have the same colour theme for raya day. And I’m the one who wearing chocolate pinky orangish ‘baju raya’..and I got bullied after that..huhu.. Surprisingly, I don’t know we visited our uncles cousins also had green colour for their raya theme…Again I felt down ‘sekejap’ as my bro n sis teased me for being not in the’s okey..I don’t mind, the most important thing my boyfriend and I had the same colour theme of baju raya. Just take a look at these pictures, how I differed from others but so sweet when me and my partner wore the same colour right? Lol…(^_^)..