Monday, October 13, 2008

mY RaYA sToRy ParT II

AhHhhaaa…!!This is my 2nd day raya story..I celebrated it with my ex-classmate..5 Anggerik. Soo..happening you know..We went for ‘beraya’ from the morning till almost midnight..It’s really fun.. Our ‘beraya’ convoy started at jue’s house..lots of cookies and ‘jeruk’ and also kind of ‘pulut’ with the ‘serunding’ (dunno what is the name)..Then to Azlina’s house we had our lunch chicken cooked spicy sour, and also got ‘sambal belacan’.Next was to Athirah’s home, we ate laksa..again I love to eat. Our journey continued to Along’s house..before that we had our Zohor prayer at the ‘surau’ near to Along’s house..Waahhh..we ate again..we ate fried noodles, ‘popiah’, ‘dadeh’ and of course ‘kueh raya’ the must have in every house that we’d visited. Along had many ‘soldiers’..he3 I mean he got helpers which were her brothers and sister..they’re very nice..very2 ‘sopan’. They’d served us the food..I wish I could have bro and sis like Along, they’re cute also. But forget about that Ziha…You’re the youngest in the family.. so concentrate on cute babies, good and brilliant children..LOL..=) Next was Hafiz’s grandmom house..can say my grandma also la..because I called her ‘nenek’, ‘Embah Rom’..He had cute sister also..haha..After that..from Parit Semerah..we went to Pekan Nenas at Sungai Burung..which was Shahril’s house..there her mother served us with ‘burasak’. Before reaching to Shahril’s house, he promised to give us duit raya who can enter his house first.. But then, he so tricky man, he entered first..than me..could you imagine how we so ‘berebut-rebut’ to enter his house??.so impolite..luckily only us know..haha We went to Che Pah’s house after that, for eating, chatting, gossiping, and laughing of course. Then we performed our prayer at Pekan Nenas mosque before heading to Iryani’s house. HmM..there we met Iryani..her mother was so friendly..her aunt also..we ate ‘laksa’, ‘lepat luwiee’ (dunno the spelling but that was how they pronounce)..Iryani’s house was almost near to my after we ‘beraya’ at Iryani’s house..we went to Penerok to Yazid house after Maghrib prayer. Our duty were to eat the food that had been served for us..Lol..Yazid served us with ‘rojak buah’ very delicious..and fried noodles..the fried noodle was also delicious…but due to our full tummies we only can eat it a bit even though it’s tasty..Next was to Diey’s house.. Diey was the one who was at first so high-spirited to join the ‘beraya’ team. But then, she had to follow her family to ‘beraya’, what to do time you join us ok? We ate ‘murtabak’ and cookies..Haa..another one, Nazirah..who was also should be in our ‘beraya’ team, couldn’t join us as she had to help her mom as they got relatives to come on that day..Finally, we reached to the last house..only ate cookies and drink coffee. Actually, it was Mar Gan request, he was the one who wanted to drink coffee. He said that he wanted to drink ‘kopi jawa’. He said coffee that was made by Javanese was tasty…REALLY??? If that so..I’m proud to be Javanese..ngeee..hehe..=)


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